Saturday, 28 January 2012

Bread and cheese

Even though we've been in London for a couple of days now, I just wanted to write one last thing about Paris. And that is about the greatest toasted ham and cheese sandwich in my life. I know, you're probably thinking 'out of all the awesome things she could eat in Paris, why on earth did she choose a toasted cheese sandwich? In my defense, it was lunch time, and there weren't too many light meal options at the Brasserie we were at. The sandwich came out with home made chips - because nobody buys ready made chips in Paris, except for McDonald's anyway. The toastie itself (known in France as a Croque-monsieur) was sprinkled with grated cheese on top and put under the grill until it was brown and crispy, but the bread itself was still soft and fresh. Inside there was more gooey melted cheese and thin slices of ham. Of course it would have been pretty hard to make a bad sandwich when your country makes some of the most amazing cheeses and there's a bakery with the freshest of breads on every corner.

Speaking of which, we had a dinner worthy of a heart foundation blacklisting on another night in Paris. We weren't after much and were tired after a long day of sight seeing so on our way back to the hostel we picked up a baguette and camembert from their respective specialty shops. We had no knives or plates, so just had to pull chunks of bread and cheese off to eat. Regardless, it was one of the best French meals I had.

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