Thursday, 2 February 2012

Brussels, the city

Brussels is a lovely city, particularly in the old town but definitely doesn't have as much to see or do and some other places. But when you consider they have beer, chocolate, waffles and fries it doesn't really matter if it was the most boring place on the planet, you could just eat and drink yourself silly. We got at least a little silly.

At the Mannekin Pis (which is way way way smaller than all the pictures make it look) we ate delicious fresh waffles drowned in hot chocolate sauce and topped with banana.

At the Cantillon brewery, one of the last breweries using traditional brewing methods to make Lambic beer, we did a very interesting tour of the family owned business and finished it off by sampling a couple of their products.

We also tried a very small percentage of the beers stocked by Delirium Cafe which, at any time, stocks over 2000 different varieties.

We sampled mouth-watering chocolates at the chocolate shop where pralines were originally invented - by a chemist trying to make the taking of medicines more palatable.

And we ate crispy frites (fries) topped with mayonnaise in a paper cone standing in the freezing Grand Place. I don't know what made those fries so special, but they're definitely the best i've ever eaten. Grand Place is one of the prettiest squares I've ever seen, made even more magical by the light frosting of snow over the cobble stones.

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